Swedish waterways


The view from our hotel on the waters off Stockholm was fantastic. Behind a small, romantic island with two cottages attracted the large ferries and cruise ships its course on the way to Stockholm. Quiet and majestic they passed.

But then came the little noisy vehicles. Boats with 1OM length made more noise than the ferry on the image.

Really loud it was at night on weekends. The positive noise came opposite the Hafenkneipe. The one really good live band had, We also came to their enjoyment. But later in the evening I was then aware, why you do not live on a main road. The noise neagtive. The waterways around Stockholm are on weekends namely a main road: yachts, Motor boats and jet skis from all drove back and forth. All with Full Speed ​​and Full Noise. At about two o'clock in the morning it was then but annoyed me and I shut the window.

The archipelago extends the way good 20-30 km vor Stockholm. Coach Conny could not believe it and ran in a break off, to see the sea. But as far as she ran on our island, more than the next islands were out of sight…

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