How I Lost My Heart to the federal eagle….


For a week I'm back in the land. For a week I think about, how to summarize the experience of American Football World Cup in Sweden in words. How can I tell outsiders, how to feel part of a team, The playing against other nations in a fringe sport for women, never much attention has been and is now the very first time competes in an international tournament?

How can one describe the pride, to be able to make history? to participate as part of the first German national team at the first World Cup, on the lawn with 44 to be like-minded and belt out the national anthem?

How then describes the disappointment, accompanied, if ultimately only 4. Place pops, 'cause you have found a leg and too late for the two decisive games that showed, what you can actually?

And how to bring other people closer, what you feel, when Ten days of football, theory, Training sessions in the blazing sun, Sweat and tears, video analysis, human feelings with the other team members spend, is run by an incredibly dedicated team and you then suddenly back into the "reality" of everyday life must incorporate?

No one writes to me more, what to wear to what occasions, my laundry I have to do it again themselves and, worst, I miss the girls, a team from the opposing team here in the Bundesliga in a foreign land, my team has become.

I am never a friend of Dauerbespaßung and crowds have been, to be allowed to be but this experience World Cup in Sweden makes me so proud and happy part of the story have been, I just hope, that the squad 1. Women's national team in American football a few more games will contest this year.

While it is a well-worn phrase, but:

It was to be playing my honor with these girls and women for Germany.

And who ever such a thing could experience, White, that without the many helping hands and organizing all this would never have been possible.

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